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Originally the part of Maximus was earmarked for Antonio Banderas that's why, presumably, he's Spanish. To the extent that film criticism can claim to be objective, it must involve more than the mere cataloging of personal taste, requiring at least the thoughtful consideration of what trade-offs are involved in making changes.

She picks up Richie, and they return home to celebrate Dan's birthday.

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In retrospect, this small touch establishes Amidala from the very beginning of the saga as a dangerous temptress clothed in black and red his love for whom will lure Anakin to his destruction.

But of the character players it is, of course, Oliver Reed who leaves the most indelible impression. Gladiator Maximus is a powerful Roman general, loved by the people and the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

At least nine movies were made from novels or stories by Wylie. Kitty pretends to be upbeat, but Laura senses her sadness and fear and boldly kisses her on the lips; Kitty laughs it off as if it didn't happen.

Both cases were explicit moral traps. The Phantom Menace in this light refers not to any one character or set of events, as some have speculated, but rather to the ephemeral nature of all evil.

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The powerful general is unable to save his family, and his loss of will allows him to get captured and put into the Gladiator games until he dies. Laura removes several bottles of pills and Mrs.

Gladiator partially inspired the comic-book character Superman. Only Yoda views the outbreak of War as a defeat for the Republic at the finale, yet Lucas invites us to concur through the parallels he deliberately constructs across films. The Death Star makes its first appearance and — if one counts the comic treatment of C-3PO during the final melee — there are at least five instances of dismemberment and three of decapitation in the entire film.

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Death[ edit ] Wylie died from a heart attack on October 25,in Miami. The difference is qualitative, contingent on the willingness of these communities to act with the moral responsibility that comes with the power to make selfish or selfless choices.

Gladiator Film Review

Viewers must struggle to follow the plot, asking who is responsible for the assassination attempt on Senator Amidala; who has ordered the clone army; and who is fighting whom anyway, and why. Cartoon essay paper rechteckverteilung beispiel essay mars rover summary essay sartre existentialism essay essay like hamburger helper self schema vs self concept essay wendy brown edgework critical essays on kate traffic jam essay conclusion paragraph, farce comedy essay.

The only enduring victories in these films are those built on love, understanding, and mutual self-sacrifice. The book delves into the double standards between men and women that existed prior the woman's movement of the s, exploring the nature of the relationship between men and women and the issues of women's rights and homosexuality.

The second assassination attempt on Amidala occurs appropriately enough while she sleeps. Blithely ignoring the intellectual rigor of Attack of the Clones leads not surprisingly to self-fulfilling claims about its status as lowbrow cinema.

As is evident from the case of Boba Fett and the Clones, blue continues to symbolize youth and potential.

EMPIRE ESSAY: Gladiator Review

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Lacking knowledge of their own potential for evil, what the characters in this film fail to understand is that their most dangerous impulses are often their most noble ones. Crowe is not a big man, he certainly doesn't have a bodybuilder's physique, but in the fight scenes his victories are totally convincing, even when he's pitted against seemingly insuperable odds.

Attacks on Lucas as elitist and anti-democratic are equally puzzling. After an initial period of uncertainty, Scott leapt aboard when he was shown a Victorian painting of two gladiators locked in mortal combat, the sunlight streaming into the arena and the vast crowd baying for blood.

Like Bespin in Empire the other Cloud CityCoruscant is here a paradise that falls through the corruption of its leaders into a hellish dystopia. But luckily, he bailed, leaving the way open for Crowe. Brilliant use of Steadicam and stroboscopic editing give you a taste of military conflict from a time when to kill a man in battle meant standing close enough to feel his breath on your face.

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Obi Wan charges at the bounty hunter Jango Fett on Kamino, while he and Anakin are the aggressive ones in their final clash with Dooku, rushing into his cave with lightsabers drawn. Film Review of Gladiator Gladiator was set near the end of the twentieth century when the Roman Empire was at its peak.

Maximus played a character who was the general of a large Roman army.

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Gladiator is loosely based on real events that occurred within the Roman Empire in AD. Directed by Ridley Scott and released init features an excellent Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe 3/5(1). Philip Gordon Wylie (May 12, – October 25, ) was an American author of works ranging from pulp science fiction, mysteries, social diatribes and satire, to ecology and the threat of nuclear holocaust.

Free Essay: TITLE: GLADIATOR PLOT: The story is about Maximus, one of the leading generals in the Roman army. He led the Romans to victory in a decisive. May 05,  · "The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great A foolish choice in art direction casts a pall over Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" that no Movie Reviews.2/5.

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