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The lunchroom basketball trash can scene was filmed at Booker T. The "N" word is used, as are dated terms such as "Negro" and "colored"; African-Americans are compared to "monkeys"; and the bitterness and frustration of a lifetime of prejudice, abuse, and slavery comes through in the speech and actions of the soldiers.

Successful attacks were measured in hundreds of yards - and paid for in lives by hundreds of thousands. In addition, Ralph Strangis the former Dallas Stars play-by-play announcer had a small speaking role as a courtside broadcaster. Bolstered by exceptional cinematography, powerful storytelling, and an Oscar-winning performance by Denzel Washington, Glory remains one of the finest Civil War movies ever made.

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One of the movie's most memorable scenes occurs the night before the assault on Fort Wagner, as various members of the regiment gather to sing songs, pray, and offer up words of inspiration. When the men begin tearing up their pay stubs in protest of the unequal treatment, Shaw tears up his own pay stub in support of their actions.

Equally as important as acting to the impact of the movie Glory is the Musical score composed by James Horner.

Glory (1989)

She is skeptical of Fuller because of how terrible the show is and beyond help, and believes there is no hope. Shaw as accurately as possible, bringing the youth and zeal of the real Shaw to grand light.

Glory (1989) Movie: Summary and Review

At the heart, and in my heart, this is not a story of men, but what it means to be a man. Simply put, the heroes involved have been ignored by history due to racism. A soldier's head is blown off by cannon fire. However, the courage demonstrated by the 54th resulted in the Union accepting thousands of black men for combat, and President Abraham Lincoln credited them with helping to turn the tide of the war.

My men come first of all, George. The Fifty- fourth regiment could also be considered one of the first times we see blacks look for equal opportunity.

He declines, not believing the war will result in a better life for slaves. That is what proved to the white regiments looking on that the black soldiers were worthy of battle. That Denzel could convey that with a role that could have easily been a stereotype deserves more praise that I can type.

During the fight, Shaw suffers a minor injury and is left by the enemy for dead. NBA point guard Kirk Hinrich was offered a role in the film, but chose not to participate "because of time constraints". Shaw, which Leonard Maltin calls his most ambitious part.

Shaw initially refuses to obey an unlawful orderbut agrees under threat of having his troops taken away.

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I thought "Morning Glory" is just another romantic comedy that happens to be set in a television setting, but it pleasantly surprised me. Jun 07,  · Excellent Civil War movie has graphic violence, profanity. Read Common Sense Media's Glory review, age rating, and parents guide.4/4.

Glory Road is a American sports drama film directed by James Gartner, based on a true story surrounding the events leading to the NCAA University Division Basketball Championship (the historic name for what is now known as the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament).

Don Haskins portrayed by Josh Lucas, head coach of Texas.

Glory (United States, 1989)

Film Books Music Art & design TV & radio Stage Classical Games More World cinema Glory review – black humour and fatalism with a stiff shot of misanthropy 4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. Glory was a strong film and i think it is arguably the best civil war movie yet to be made.

The ending was excellent and original. The movie was seen through the eyes of Mathew Brodrick otherwise know as the white commander of the 54th regiment Robert Shaw and how he .

Glory film review
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